July 27, 2017

4K Video Downloader x64 x86 download

4K Video Downloader x64 x86 download

4K Video Downloader

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Discover 4K Video Downloader – a small but useful program for downloading high quality video, audio and subtitles from YouTube (eg 4K Video Presence – download). In addition, the program can be downloadedAnd the entire playlist in the presence of the channel. In addition, “vlegkuyu” analyzes video pages from Vimeo and DailyMotion, and downloads videos from this site to find the best quality. Download 4K Video Downloader.

ProgramIt’s simple and fun: when you start up, you’ll see a three-button window – specify the URL of the video page (insert URL), the smart mode button (smart mode), to apply these settings to the download button, and the help that tips. In addition, you can download captions, audio without video (if you like the soundtrack in the video), and video availability. In 3D format – load (3D will be marked with a special icon).

Once downloaded, You can click the play button and the movieWill open in the media player. Although developers write that free software is not that because some features are blocked and they need to buy about $ 10. But this is not our way, the archive is a cure for the charismatic program, and we are always on the side :). I have noticed that I did not work with two startup playlists, maybe there was a bug or something on the page. ForAll other features of the program has been dealt with in a whimsical manner. SoDo not hesitate to download and use for health purposes, I hope the program is useful to you, good luck :) videograbbinge

How to install:

1- Open and install the software.

2- Use patch for regsiter software.

+ 3 That’s it. Enjoy the last full version.

Find a question, suggestion or just say “Hello” write to him:

/ * * / Com

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July 19, 2017

Safari 5.1 Download

Safari 5.1 Download

Safari 5.1

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Apple, even caught criticism, when it was launched a very bug and unstable version of Safari for Windows. Everything has changed a lot and Safari 5 has come a long way, and the only launch such as a read icon to facilitate reading from one side, faster page loading time and significantlyImproved support for HTML5 video for excellent support and stability.

All original features like tabs above andeasy page management and Cover Flow loaded bookmarks and style itunes leaves the site as well as continue to exist.

Many good apple touches

Safari was the firstBrowser for Windows to represent the above area, which is one of the amazing features of Safari. Top sites shows a panoramic view of the thumbnail of your sites regularly visited on one screen. Just click on the window, you go to go directlyto the page. If you tend to visit the same sites every day, Top is a convenient way to open zugreifenSie as quickly as possible without getting your browser bookmarks. It’s also a great way to keep track of the sites that you visit most often, and you can install your favorite sitesIn one place, so you always know where it is when you open Safari. Yanyota in the corner areas denote those with new content, so you can immediately see what’s been updated.

At the same time, Cover Flow will be familiar to all iTunes users, so that you can viewBookmarks on the pages of articles are full pages, as they will see at the end of the request. The principle is based on paging through albums in iTunes. Although it looks cool, its utility is questionable.

The search for ingawaHistoria is important. Simply enter the word and Safari shows each page there is a cache and a word- Very useful if you can not remember where the hell you saw the name of a person or game.

Supplements such as Reader, you can save all the materials on the page screen, although there is no way to change the font. There is also a search for yachaguzi for the search box in Safari, it is not blocked by Google.

OtherUseful features in Safari Tabs on, which made it easier to get it a little bit and open the Safari tabs. You can even drag and drop tabs into another Safari window.

In addition, all the standard functions in Safari remain. You can by clicking on the RSS tag in the URLSieErhalten line check all messages in the suburbsYou can place an order and get a detailed view or position.

Stable and convenient

Safari removed many mistakes that made the original so interested with the PC and now it is very stable and a usable browser. HTML5 support has been improved, which means yaunaweza HTML5 viewingVideo in full screen now. The capabilities of HTML5 geolocation are now available to users of Safari.

Navigieren In Safari has also been improved more accurate and more convenient, because a predictive URL bar that actually performs a web page search for words and cache,Especially when some pages. Speed ​​has always been the essence in Safari and Apple has accelerated and expanded the Nitro engine, the requirement results in JavaScript faster than previous versions.

Not the best, but, of course, directly

The Safari plugin lacks VerfügungVerglichen and Firefox and Chrome, but it’s clear that Safari introduces a styleAnd class to the Apple PC.

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July 15, 2017

PDF Snipping Tool 3 Windows 7/8/10 torrent download

PDF Snipping Tool 3 Windows 7/8/10 torrent download

PDF Snipping Tool 3

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Death PDF clippings is a web-based graphical capture tool that allows you to split a PDF file or specific areas of the entire page. Cuttings can then be cut and pasted into another application, the file is saved (from JPG, GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF or) Web page (HTML), plain text (TXT)Mail. This can be for other Microsoft Office applications. In fact, the best thing you can do is a PDF Cutting tool can do with the integration tool to capture ekranasuiteutilis work with it.

Death slicing ++ is free and a simple application that provides usersPersonal internet page for photos. This is the second version of the unofficial software update on Cutoffs The tool provides many unique advantages over its predecessor. This is the Java Runtime package. The environment is necessary for the correctFunctioning.

Usage and functions

SMnogo should only be used on the Internet partempage. Some examples include debugging or systems with multiple files that will be distributed among users. Another advantage is the Cut + Tool ++ various languages ​​are supported.Originally were only available in German. It also has a basic image editor, if a special page needs to be blurred, so the privacy of the address. Now you can record and can be used to get an image highlights a full page.


HimLife as the right of all files on the Cuts Tool ++ allows the user to the hard drive. However, it is able to upload files to the Imguam site for image placement. Death ++ is that a megabyte of clippings, compared to past experiences of lower species selection.

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July 11, 2017

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 32bit-64bit torrent download

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 32bit-64bit torrent download

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate (x86 / x64) + Package Content

Pl Video Software is the best. Pinnacle Studio When your movie looks good from every point of ultimate strength and 20 new multi-Editor of the Chamber. View and edit footage from up to six cameras, and audio clips at the parallel of sync. When the background noise is less easy to maintain a dialogue declaration that the new audio channels.

Edit each project is keyakinanberkatLXIV-bit speed, editing-frame detectorsis not limited to 4K, the form of the support of 3D HDDan and extensively, including a new XAVC of decoding, MXF and DVCPRO HD decoding, and the support of IFR. 2,000 The effects of transitions and ensure the NewBlue Video Questions 4, the movies come here and see the amazing share their online, on device or disc.

Studio 20 on the wing Key Features:

Motion blur Mosaic tracking

NewBlue effect is good, but now Kebutuhanvideo 3

Camera Video multi-Editor

CCCLXvideo editing

The new model makes

Support for 4K and HD XAVCS

PIThe fifth (song without limit)

2,000 issues effect is the transitions and Templates


motion tracking

Bright Spirit Blues

live screenshot

I hear the waves

Advanced features 3D

Creating a movie in a 3D stereoscopic


Pinnacle Studio What’s New in the last 20;

New! Multi-room house Editoria

New! Audio offset to balance the background high dialogdan

New! The generation processor optimized for VIintelligentia;

New! Premium pressure from NewBlue

Minneapolis!live screenshot

Ultra HD 4K, termasukSokongan S XAVC

2,000 effects, transitions and Templates

Edit the right frame infinity

Pop music mourning iZotope

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows, windows 7

What’s New in Version:

– Addressing the causes of accidents and Instability

– transition into the world lost solved exported

– files Meningkatkanpenanganan frame rate is non-standard

– There was a version of the path is completed Functionplus

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