Core Activities

Core Activities

PRATYeK’s┬áCore Activities are aligned with PRATYeK’s 2020 vision

The Ultimate Goals of PRATYeK’s 2020 Vision Statement Reads

Educating for liberation

Ultimate Goal : Schools would have access to resources to embed justice into their curriculum and systems.

Enfleshing Advocacy

Ultimate Goal: PRATYeK has a vibrant and active group of child-advocate from vulnerable communities of the neighbourhood.

Enabling partnership

Ultimate Goal: We provide children with child-friendly media and platforms to influence power centers for child rights and child participation and child-led advocacy.

Empowering Collaboration

Ultimate Goal: We are known as a front-runner in the promotion of vibrant networks of organizations engage in child-rights.

Engaging with Policy Makers

Ultimate Goal: PRATYeK actively and regularly, creatively and holistically engages with policy makers and power centers of child rights particularly child participation at grass-root, state, national and international levels.