Governing Body

Governing Body

S.No Name Designation
1. Edwin Steve Fernandes President
2. Augustine Jairaj Vice President
3. Steve Dom Rocha Secretary
4. Edwin D’Souza Treasurer
5. Conrad D’Souza Member
6. David Ryan Silva Member
7. Joaquim Anthony Johnson Member
8. Sameer Ferraro Member
9. Stanley Gerard Alvarez Member
10. Gordon Theodore Gale Member
11. Mark DaCosta Member

David Ryan Silva

Br David Ryan Silva is the Community Leader of the new mission community in Patharlyndan (Meghalaya) which was set up in 2017 as part of the social development project of the Christian Brothers. Though he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a B. Ed and has been a professional Educator for many years, he has out of his own keen interest in Scriptures, acquired an additional Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. He has also achieved a Certificate in Formation and Psychology and has worked as a Formator for those aspiring to join the Brothers. His main interest is community engagement, working with children and youth and training to empower. He is passionate about making a difference to the village where he works and aspires to be an agent in that process. 

J. Johnson

Br. J. Johnson is a member of the leadership team of the Congregation of Christian Brothers in India. He hails from Mumbai, India. He holds a Bachelor’s in Science Degree, Bachelor’s in Education Degree and a Diploma as well as a Master’s. degree in Spirituality and Counselling. He has worked as a teacher and principal in a Higher Secondary school in South Gujarat within a tribal community. He has also spent a number is years in the training and formation of young people interested in joining the Christian Brothers. Presently, on the leadership team, he looks after the finance office and Protection Office of the Christian Brothers in India. 

Augustine Jairaj 

Br. Augustine Jairaj is in the Christian Brothers Leadership Team in India. He is a trained formator for the young Brothers and those aspiring to be a Brother. He also conducts formation and educational programmes for Teachers. He has completed his B.ScB.Ed and has a diploma in Scripture, Spirituality and Counselling. He has many years of teaching experience in several Christian Brothers schools. He was also appointed as Principal of St. Mary’s Orphanage and Day School in Kolkata for a period of 6 years. He has been the V. President of PRATYeK since …………..? 

Ralph Sequeira

Br. Ralph Sequeira is the development professional on the Christian Brothers Leadership Team in India. He is also the Convener of the international Mission Capacity Support Team of the Congregation. A Masters in Applied Anthropology and Development, with a research specialization in ‘Impact Analysis’ from the Australian National University, Br Ralph comes with a variety of experiences, including heading the CSR function of a major corporate house. Br Ralph’s most distinguishing ability, however, is his skill to inspire people to dream big and help them get there. He has been the President of PRATYeK since its inception. 

Sameer Ferrao

Sameer Ferrao was born and brought up in Mumbai. After his education he joined the Christian Brothers, a Catholic organisation for lay men. As a Brother he has worked in rural Gujarat in a village situated in the heart land of the Gamit tribe for 4 years. He then worked in Kolkata for the years in the field of education for under privileged children and for those with special needs. Currently he is the Vocation Promoter for the Christian Brothers. 

Steve Rocha

Steve Rocha is the  Founder convener of PRATYek and has a Masters in Social Work from the Mumbai University through Nirmala Niketan. He is the founder director of PRATYeK. He is the convener of the national NINE IS MINE child led advocacy initiative. He is the Justice Coordinator of the Indian province and the Edmund Rice Global Advocacy Animator for the Asia region. He has served as a Justice facilitator in residence at Seymour college