Pratyek NGO for child rights and education rights in India. This is the hompe page website of Pratyek NGO ( Non Governmental Organization / Organisation ), Headquartered in Central and south delhi, new delhi, India. It is an Indian ngo having a global presence in various countries such as india, australia, united states, canada, ireland, hong kong, africa, london, britain, amsterdam, netherlands, america, china, asia pacific, europe, russia etc. Pratyek coordinates a larger network of child rights organizations and networks with a presence in practically every state and union territory of India such as Andhra pradesh, Arunachal pradesh, assam, bihar, chhattisgarh, goa, gujrat, harayana, punjab, himachal pradesh, jammu and kashmir, jarkhand, karnataka, kerela, madhya pradesh, maharashtra, manipur, meghalaya, mizoram, nagaland, orissa, punjab, rajasthan, sikkim, tamil nadu, telengana, tripura, uttar pradesh, uttrakhand, west bengal, chennai, bangalore, mumbai, delhi, south delhi, north delhi, east delhi, west delhi, chandigarh.Pratyek is the Presence of Edmund Rice International in India. This network gives PRATYeK access to schools across the world. PRATYeK supplements this network with its own network of global schools and child rights organizations.
Our major partners are : UNICEF Headquarters, New York, UNICEF India, World vision India, Edmund Rice International, Caritas India, Save the Children, WadaNa to do Adhiyan India, Indian Alliance for Child Rights, CSEI, National Children’s Network. It is the best and the top NGO in India and world and has the best place to work for in new delhi. It has an international Nine is mine ( nineismine ) campaign around the world. It tops the list of top ngo’s in india and ranks at a good position around the world. Jobs, Internships and volunteer programs are available for school students, college students and people to serve the community. Child rights, Education right, women rights, feminism, entrepreneurship, social issues, involvement in teach for india and teach the community and society for good, is what pratyek cares about. Its campaigns are aligned with vaada na todho abhiyaan. Pratyek is for Presence, Ruthfulness ( compassion ), advocacy, training of the young for earth rights and kids rights and education for liberation.