Our Mission

Our Mission

PRATYeK itself is an acronym for Presence and Ruthfulness (read compassion) for Advocacy with/for and training of the Young in Earth Rights and Kids-rights. This itself could be considered to be its mission statement.

The Vision of PRATYeK is thus E for Everyone

The e signifies Edmund the founder of the Christian Brothers and whose vision is the inspiration of PRATYeK. The Munnar Chapter also states that ‘we are called … To allow the charism of Edmund to fly free’ with freshness into finding new expressions.

E also stands for Empowerment, Education, The Earth, Equity and Empathy some of the core values that Edmund stood for.

The Ultimate Goals of Prateek's 2020 vision:

Educating for liberation

Enfleshing Advocacy

Enabling partnership

Empowering Collaboration

Engaging with Power