Our Projects

Our Projects

National Children's Parliment

Representatives from children’s parliaments from across the country gather  annually in the capital to address national issues.

Public Day March

Annually Children from across the country gather at Jantar Mantar with children from the capital to create the first Children’s Social Forum.

Bal Aahwan

Parliamentarians, Ambassadors, Corporate Leaders, Educationists, Bureaucrats and Social Activists join children to pledge their support toward child rights.

Sustainable Development Goals

Children are given various forums to influence the framing of the SDGs and to keep governments accountable towards fulfil them.

CRC Reviews

Children are given platforms to evalauating the status of child rights in India.


Children are trained and organized to write reports of the Child Rights situations while lobbying with Diplomats for the acceptance of their recommendations.

Children's Manifestoes

Children are organized from across the country to frame a children’s version of political manifesto with which they are invited to lobby with various Political parties to seek inclusion of their issues.


Teachers Training, NGO facilitation, Children’ raining workshop are held regularly to train various stakeholders of the network on varied issues and tools for advocacy.

Monthly Assemblies

Monthly resource kits are shared with schools and NGOs across India to train them in the skills of advocacy and justice.

Haq Ki Shor

Each month children from varied socio economic backgrounds  in Delhi are gathered for varied workshops on Justice and advocacy.