Our Mission

We educate and empower children and relevant stakeholders to build a rights-based, just, inclusive, participatory, equitable, sustainable, fulfilling, interconnected and mystical earth community.

What We Do

Theory of Change

By acknowledging C1hild and Earth Rights, we enable C2hild-led Advocacy & C3hild-Participation. We prioritise C4ommunity Engagement programs by addressing local issues of child safe guarding. We believe in building C5ollaborations with our beneficiaries and stakeholders from grassroot to global levels. Developing C6hild Friendly Resources and Platforms and using C7reative Mediums to help young citizens access information related to their rights.

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2.5 Million Children Engaged with PRATYeK via activities like creation of children’s manifestos, Social campaigns, Online courses, etc.

children engaged in Children’s Parliament and other child friendly forums from
NGOs across 35 states and Union Territories
children reached via a network of 200 schools.

Stories of Impact

Partnerships and Collaborations