About Us

About Us

PRATYeK, a registered Society with an emphasis on ‘Presence and Right-relations for Advocacy and Training of the Young in Earth-rights and Kids-rights’. PRATYeK in Hindi means ‘every being’ and it captures the essence of realizing all rights for and ensuring all opportunities to every child and every member of the earth community in India, if not the world. PRATYeK is the presence of Edmund Rice International in India. The ‘e’ signifies Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers and whose vision is the inspiration of PRATYeK. ‘e’ also stands for Education, Empathy, Empowerment, Equity, for Every right, for the Earth, for Every Child-for Everyone !!! This was the vision of Edmund Rice and is also our vision for the world.


The Change Maker Award (Save the Children)  – 2020

Special Recognition aware by UN Headquarters in New York  – 2013

NGO Excellence Award
by Harvard-US Initiative

Special Recognition Award by UN Delegation’s Women Club – 2015

Sustainability Award by Austrian Cultural Forum – 2016