Our Vision

Every Child, For Every Right, For Everyone

PRATYeK was born of a dream to ensure happier childhoods for all children. In 2013, Steve Rocha – started PRATYeK with the vision and teachings of Edmund Rice. Today, over 11 years later, PRATYeK works with 100 local NGOs and 300 schools across 29 states in India has impacted the lives of over 2.5 million children.

Message from Our Director

Give a child a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach her to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. But what if we ensure that every child learns the art fishing for life as a right and ensuring that all have access to healthy nutritious food.  What if we train young people to claim and realize their rights and claim their access to the fishing bond of life.

We at PRATYeK are in the business of training young people in the art of realizing their space as equal and active members of society today towards creating an equal just and participatory world. The niche that we created as NGO in this child right’s world is that of empowering young people to voice and realize their dreams, experiences and aspirations for a world fit for children and a world fit for all.

When we say all, we believe that we all include all members of the human family, but more so all members of earth community, that includes birds, hills, trees, rivers and bees.

PRATYeK envisions for world in which every child is empowered to stand for and claim every right for everyone.

Steve Dom Rocha

Executive Director, PRATYeK

Convener, NINEISMINE Campaign


Our Interns